Twice’s Momo turns 26: 3 photos of her transformation as the prettiest in K-pop

The ELEVEN is of long tablecloths, because this day they are celebrating the member of Twice, momo, who reaches 26 years of age. The young idol has stood out in the industry for her talent for dancing, singing, rapping and also for her beauty, as many consider her to be one of the prettiest in the K-pop industry. Now we present to you three photos that show his transformation from when he was a trainee until now that he is in the public’s taste thanks to the fact that he is a member of one of the most important Korean gangs.

Momo Hirai, full name of the young artist, was born on November 9, 1996, in Kyotanabe, prefecture of Kyoto, in Japan, so she is one of the girl group members who is not Korean. From a very young age she became involved in the arts, since at the age of 3 she began to study dance with her sister. Her first exposure to the industry was by appearing in the music video “Ma People” by lexy in 2008, and then at the talent show Superstar K in 2011.

3 photos of Twice’s Momo transformation

These two appearances and some videos he made for the internet caught the attention of the agency. JYPEntertainment, who asked her and her sister to audition. The only one to be selected was momoso that moved from Japan to South Korea to start as a trainee in 2012. It was until two years later, that he returned to capture the attention of the public when he competed in the reality show “6teen“, which was looking for the members who would form a new girl group called Twice.

The Japanese artist competed on “Sixteen” TW @FYTWICE

During the weeks, unfortunately Momo was eliminated from the competitionwhile her companions NayeonSana, Dahyun, Chaeyoung, Mine, jihyo and Jeongyeon, were selected to form the K-pop girl group. However, later the JYP agency announced that the Japanese artist would join the band due to her dancing skills and also Tzuyu, who was placed as the favorite of the public during the program. So she was part of Twicedespite the fact that at first there were harsh criticisms of her.

The idol officially debuted with Twice on October 20, 2015 with the album “The Story Begins” and the simple “Like Ooh Ahh“. That was how the artist, along with the group, had a quick rise to stardom, especially after the song “Cheer Up”” which was placed in the main positions of the charts of Asia. In this way it was the beginning of a successful career, because in addition to having a presence in South Korea, they also did it in Japan dominating the market with songs like “One More Time” and its compilation album.

Momo is part of Twice since her debut FB JYP

With “What Is Love?”, “Dance the Night Away” and “Yes or Yes”, they reached the international market, as they quickly placed themselves on the charts around the world, so in 2019 they started the “Twice Lights World” tour Tour” with which they visited cities such as Seoul, Bangkok, Singapore, Los Angeles, ManilaMexico CityNewark, Chicago and Kuala Lumpur, to name a few that were included during this first international tour.

momo is part of the success of her group, because in addition to dancing and singing she has also written several songs for the short and long-term albums, that is why now the members of the fandom celebrate the 26 years of the artist, who has shown her talent with the Over the years.

The idol is also a songwriter and IG model @momo


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