Ben Affleck: the real reasons why the actor is away from Jennifer Lopez

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Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez They are in the public eye due to strong rumors that they no longer live together, a few months after they were married. Although the couple has made public appearances very happy family Speculation continues that there are problems in the marriage.

It has also been said that Affleck he has problems with his character due to the constant headaches he gets from migraine, with tobacco, and he is very disorganized; so Lopez asked him to take some time to change those attitudes for the good of the couple.

Another version is that the actors are not living together for the daily coexistence between the families of both, lor which is not easy; but they give each other their space as a couple, something that has worked a lot for Ben Affleck, who is preparing a new film character.


The reasons why Ben Affleck separated from Jennifer Lopez

Everything seems to indicate that the actor is very focused on his film career, which is why he moved away from his family life and from the mansion where he was living with “The Diva of the Bronx”.

Affleck is ready to shoot the sequel to the film ‘The Accountant’. The project was announced five years ago, but it is only now that the cast is being contacted to start filming, and the last details of the script are being refined with director Gavin O’Connor.

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