Alejandra Guzmán opens her heart to her fans: “These two years were very sad for me”

  • The singer returned to the stage after her fall she suffered at the end of September.
  • Silvia Pinal’s daughter thanked her fans for their love and support in recent years.

Alejandra Guzman He was at rest during the month of October due to the fall he suffered at the end of September during a presentation at the John F. Kennedy Center in Washington. Fortunately, the singer returned to the stage last weekend.

‘The queen of hearts’ was presented at the GNP Arena in Acapulco in the hits that have established her: ‘Lucky Day’, ‘Look at it, look at it’, ‘Hey güera’, ‘Bad grass’, ‘Dangerous summer’, among others.

However, during her show something caught her attention when the singer talked about her accident and that the last two years have been “very sad for me.”

Alejandra Guzmán assures that these last two months have been very sad for her

This was captured on video by a fan and was taken up by the “First Hand” program on the afternoon of Tuesday, November 8. Silvia Pinal’s daughter first spoke about her fall: “Something came out of me that is mine, yes it is mine, but I have good mechanics, I can stand the rod.”

“Anything can happen, the emotion sometimes wins me, very occasionally, but it just got away from me, they put it back in and that’s it. No problem, nothing happened,” she added.

At another point in the concert, the famous one thanked the support of her fans in recent years, which have not been easy for her: “How beautiful are the screams and doing what one wants, that’s why I do what I do, I think I hit it”

Alejandra Guzmán opened her heart to the fans and accepted that the last few years have been very complicated: “It’s lucky to have them here, to have them in my life, to have them here very close, because these two years have been very sad for me.”

He added: “Everything happens and everything happens for a reason, but today we are going to fill this place with light, with good vibes, with luck, with positive things, that is what we need.”

Alejandra Guzmán assures that these last two months have been very sad for her

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