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Between millions of tickets, infinite possibilities and countless competitors who are eager to win, the chance of winning the lottery is perhaps one in a million. However, fortunately for some and unfortunately for others, this is not the case in all cases.

A 70-year-old woman, whose identity has not been publicly revealed, is living proof that, as they say, ‘luck is crazy and anyone gets it’. And if not, let the more than two billion pesos that rest in your bank account say so after having not one, but two strokes of luck, by winning the instant lottery twice in the same day.

According to a press release issued by the Delaware Lottery, the lucky protagonist of this story won 100,000 dollars -equivalent to just over 500 million pesos- with an Ultimate Cash instant lottery ticket that he bought for 20 dollars – that is, just over 100 thousand pesos – at a gas station located in Newark, a city in New Jersey, United States.

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As if having won the millionaire sum of money had not been enough, the woman decided to celebrate her victory by purchasing three more lottery tickets -Serious Money- at a store located in Dover, Delaware.


After her second victory, the woman took home $400,000, that is, just over two billion pesos.

When I scratched off the winning $300,000 ticket at Serious Money later that day, we sat in disbelief. It was absolute madness

Despite the fact that the odds of winning -in her case, for the second time- were 1 in 150,000, the woman broke against all odds by obtaining the top prize of 300,000 dollars -equivalent to just over one billion five hundred thousand pesos- with one of the tickets he had bought at the store on the way home.

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My best friend was the first person I told that I had won the $100,000 jackpot and she came with me to claim it”, the woman told lottery officials, according to the medium ‘Business Insider’.
He added: “When I scratched off the winning $300,000 ticket at Serious Money later that day, we sat in disbelief. It was absolute madness.”

It was not for less, After her second victory, the woman obtained total profits of 400,000 dollars -two billion pesos- which, according to what he told the state lottery, he will invest in his retirement.

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“It’s great to see our players bring home six-figure prizes and instant games continue to surprise and delight players across the state,” Delaware Lottery Acting Director Helene Keeley said in the press release.

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