Iran Castillo speaks for the first time about the father of his eldest daughter Irka

With 45 years of age, iran castle He is enjoying one of the fullest stages of his life. Almost 9 months after the arrival of her second child, Demianthe actress is fully enjoying the family she built with Pepe Ramosthe father of her baby and who has become an important figure for her eldest daughter, Irka, who is about to celebrate her 11th birthday. Happy with the home she has formed, the actress opened her heart in a sincere talk on the who recounted her artistic career and for the first time spoke about her debut as a mother, an adventure she faced without the support of Irka’s father who, according to what she told Maria Patricia CastanedaAt that time, he did not express his desire to be part of the girl’s life, although he confessed that he does know her.



More sincere than ever, Iran recalled how the news of Irka’s sweet expectation took her by surprise: “The truth is I did want to have children, but I did not expect at that time, I got pregnant, with the person I was with, the truth is not I had such a formal relationship and I decided to have it, “he said. Although the memories she has with her daughter are very special, she acknowledges that in her debut as a mother, she was not as prepared as now that she received Demian: “None is better or worse (motherhood), they both have their moment, their merit, but what I do feel is that I wasn’t as informed that time, but I feel like I did the best I could with what little I had. I had my baby, that time it was a hospital birth, I had prepared myself for a water birth, but that day there was no hot water in the hospital. My baby was born and I remember that I threw myself into her 100%, then I did have to work, because I was a single mother, “she explained.


Like never before, Iran revealed why she had to face her first motherhood alone and recalled the controversial statements that, at the time, her daughter’s father made to a national media, assuring that it was she who did not allow him to approach: “Already he wasn’t really interested. It was strange because as such he did not physically come to tell me that he wanted to be present, it was through the media and tabloid things, very strange, I never understood why.” From a distance, Iran understands that the age of her daughter’s father may have played an important factor in her actions: “I don’t want to judge him, because everyone has their story, their reasons, he was younger, he is a person much younger than me, so it is also understandable, maybe I had a lot of confusion at that time, “he said.

Happy that she could have been the great support of her daughter Irka, Iran understands that the girl’s father may have been going through a difficult stage: “You know, the truth is that I would not want to judge him, because he is the father of my daughter”. Despite the fact that she had to face motherhood alone, Irá recognized that she will always have great affection for Irka’s father, as he allowed her to experience unconditional love through her daughter, who will celebrate her 11th birthday next week: “Because I don’t I know what he has lived through, what circumstances he has, you never know and he is the father of my daughter and I will always respect him a lot and love him very much, because thanks to him I have my girl who I love with all my heart, “he acknowledged.


Irka’s first approach with his father

Although in Irka’s early years her father was not part of her life, at some point, she asked Iran to promote a meeting with him, a rapprochement that lasted for about a year: “When my daughter was 5 years old, she asked me to , she told me: ‘I want to know who my dad is’, she asked me a lot, so I looked for him, as I could I looked for him and yes, we did talk that time, I told her if she wanted to meet the girl and she told me that yes, then, I took her, he met her and it was very nice, he only met her for a year, they were seeing each other, he doesn’t live here, so my daughter traveled, she saw him or he came, but later, for some reason reason he no longer wanted, that’s why I tell you that I would not like to pass judgment on him, “the actress shared.

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