Dusty Baker confirms his future for MLB 2023 after winning the 2022 World Series with José Altuve’s Houston Astros


After breaking several records after winning the Commissioner’s Trophy for the first time in his career, the strategist announced what will happen with his stay in Texas.

Dusty Baker, 2022 World Series champion with the Houston Astros
© Harry How/Getty ImagesDusty Baker, 2022 World Series champion with the Houston Astros

He became a legend. After 29 years as manager in Major League Baseball (MLB)Finally Dusty Baker could become champion baseball world seriesafter conquering her with Houston Astros in 2022.

After set several all-time recordssuch as being the oldest manager to win the Fall Classicbeing champion after his 97th postseason game as manager, among others, his continuity in the team was in suspense.

And it is that everything foreshadowed that after having made history in the conquest of the 2022 World Series with the Astros, Baker would have already fulfilled his outstanding debt; however, until the end of 2023, we will have it for a while.

Baker confirms his future with the Astros after winning the World Series

It is that the strategist himself was consulted about his continuity in the Texas franchise, thinking about defending the title next season, answering that I always said that if I win one, I want two. I like to keep my word. This is as much fun as I’ve experienced in the past.”.

That’s the way it is, Baker will manage the Houston Astros for the fourth consecutive MLB seasonwhere you will receive a salary of $2 million dollarsand they will seek to revalidate their title on the way to a 2023 World Series that already has them as favorites to return, for the third year in a row.

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