Chyno Miranda’s mother confirmed her son’s addiction and made serious accusations against the singer’s girlfriend

For several months there have been rumors about the delicate health situation of the Venezuelan singer Chyno Miranda, known for having been part of the group Chino y Nacho with well-known songs such as I am falling in love, you walk in my headamong other topics.

However, despite having reached the main Latin music charts, the group dissolved and each one decided to continue on their way. It is now known that Miranda had a serious illness that left her with consequences that she has had to deal with.

The singer’s mother, Alicia Pérez, decided to give an interview to the journalist Luis Olavarrieta in which she told everything that is happening with her son and how she had to put him in a rehabilitation center due to his drug problem.

Pérez stated that it all started in 2020 when the singer began to suffer from anxiety and depression after being affected by covid-19, shingles and peripheral neuropathy.

“In the year 2020 he has a series of illnesses that lead to anxiety and depression. This, together with the economic situation, the separation of Chino and Nacho, the coexistence that year with so many people in an apartment, since the in-laws and I were there, and he no longer had a good situation with his wife, “said the singer’s mother. .

At that time, the young man began to have serious physical pain, on several occasions he claimed that he could not walk and that led him to depression and anxiety, and to consume substances that helped him to calm the pain.

However, the mother stated that drug use led to encephalitis that led him to intensive care, where he remained hospitalized for more than three weeks.

After passing through the clinic, Chyno entered a rehabilitation clinic where he was able to walk again. So, confident that everything was fine, she decided to return to Venezuela without thinking about what would happen.

“They tell me that he escaped and used, and that hurts me more after the encephalitis he suffered,” said the desperate mother. Also, She added that he found a new girlfriend, named Astrid Torrealba Falcon, who is the one who, according to her, led him to consume more drugs.

“He starts with the girlfriend and sees the drug in her because she supplied it to him,” he said, adding that she decided to take Chyno to Venezuela, but the girlfriend picked them up at the airport and handed him a bag with more drugs. “When my son got up the next morning I found a bag for him, and the one who gave it to him was her because no one else came to my house, but her,” she said.

After struggling for several months with his son’s addiction, Pérez decided to admit him to a rehabilitation center called Tía Panchita: “After I admitted him, we went through a six-week induction process. There they teach you how to act, what you have to talk about, how you should contain their behavior, where they should be and with whom”.

By her orders, Miranda could not have contact with people abroad that would affect his recovery and had specifically requested that Torrealba not have access.

“That is why I did not want her to see him and she is required to receive treatment so that she would heal, I asked her personally, he is sick and if I leave him with her my son will die,” she said.

However, he said that the woman filed a guardianship and took Chyno from the rehabilitation center, claiming that he was mistreated there. The young man’s mother said that she was never notified. “They did not notify me, I am his mother and I admitted him there. They kidnapped him, they kidnapped him and a person who was not good for him kidnapped him.”

Finally, she said that her son had permission to see her once a week at home and that is why she did not agree to his release from the hospital.

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