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They follow the changes in TUDN just a few days before the start of Qatar World Cup 2022but this time they are not departures like that of Adriana Monsalve, but the arrival of a new narrator to Televisa as the winner of the contest “The Legacy of the Dog Bermúdez”, although it is not exactly someone new to the microphones.

On Sunday’s “La Jugada” program, the winner of the contest that honors the career of Enrique Bermudez de la Sernawho in Qatar 2022 he will narrate his last World Cup to make way for new generations. That is why the casting of “El Legado” was made and it is already known who joins the ranks of TUDN.

Who is the new TUDN narrator?

Is about Enrique Noriegaa young man from Culiacán, Sinaloa, who as an athlete practiced volleyball and has experience as a soccer announcer, closely linked to the Guadalajara Sports Club.

This man won a contest called “Juglares del Gol” to become one of the Chivas TV official narratorswhere he was in charge of giving voice to the transmissions as a local of the Sacred Flock through the aforementioned streaming platform.

“My dear namesake, Enrique Noriega, welcome. You are the winner of ‘El Legado’, you did it in an extraordinary way and I will have the pleasure of narrating with you. There we will be narrating the two namesakes and congratulations, welcome to TUDN, you made it Versaillesque “, was the Dog’s message to the winner.

It is expected that Noriega joins the narrations of TUDN as soon as the upcoming World Cup, as well as in Liga MX from Clausura 2023 in person and in the booth, as well as in sports analysis programs.

Storytellers who won contests at TUDN

This format of “The Legacy of the Bermudez Dog” reminds us of previous contests on Televisa such as the “Voice Draft”from which came rapporteurs known as Raoul “Pollo” Ortiz, Juan Carlos Cartagena and Andres Vacabeing the latter the only one that remains in the company of Chapultepec 18.

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