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By Jerry Diaz/ @Jerryto94

The Houston Astros were crowned champions for the second time in their history. This Saturday, November 5, they consummated the title after winning the World Series four games for two against the Philadelphia Phillies.

It’s the Astros’ second championship in the past six years, in which they’ve also won the American League Pennant two other times. They were champions in 2017 and 2022 while losing the World Series in 2019 and 2022.

However, that first title won in seven games against the Los Angeles Dodgers has an asterisk due to the sign-stealing scandal involving the Texan franchise.

Astros players have been booed multiple times at every stadium they’ve visited since the scandal broke just before the 2020 season began, especially at Yankee Stadium, home to one of their strongest rivals in recent years. It should be noted that in 2020 the stadiums remained without an audience, so the anger and rejection of the other hobbies began to manifest from 2021.

“Pitching, Offense, Defense, tight Bullpen. THAT’S WHY we win. So now to shut up, ”the Sancti Spiritus wrote in English on his Twitter account in the early hours of the morning accompanied by an emoji indicating silence.

Obviously the post was filled with dissimilar reactions from fans. Some congratulated him, others asked him to continue with the team (he’s a free agent this winter) and others reminded him of his cheating past with the Astros.

At the moment, Houston has its first World Series without asterisks.

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