what he will do when he arrives in Honduras, what he compares to winning the World Series and the keys to the feat


“These are things that one dreams of as a child playing in the yard of the house and achieving it in Houston is incredible”, were the words of Mauricio Dubon in his interview with TEN less than 24 hours after win the world series with the stars.

The Honduran baseball player finished celebrating the feat until 5 in the morning this Sunday when he arrived home after sharing with all his teammates and family in the same establishment.

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“This achievement allows me to make dreams come true and the sacrifice made as a young person pays off. It is a process that took me more than 10 years and today it is giving results”, commented the 28-year-old baseball player.

The phillis of philadelphia they put the Astros to the test, having to come back from a 1-2 deficit on the road to get the ring in the sixth game held at Minute Maid Park for the final 4-2.

“Phillies was a good team, it cost, but we knew we were better and the victory was achieved. After the loss in game three we reunited. We said that we had already been here (2019 and 2021) and that it was the chance of our lives, we had to take advantage of it and run hard, we only had three games left. Thank God that was enough to inspire us to keep going”, confessed the Utility Man of houston.

Regarding the keys to achieving the second title of the Texan franchise, first since 2017, Dubon He emphasized group unity.

“That was one of the reasons we were successful. The Brotherhood. There was no selfishness, we all wanted the same thing and that was what helped us the most instead of talent. Our virtue was that we all shared, everyone got along with everyone, and it was the main reason why we were successful”, highlighted the catracho.

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Mauricio André used to be focused on by the television cameras while he talked on the bench next to the figures Jose Altuve Y Yordan Alvarezwhose three-run homer led the comeback in Game 6 that culminated in a 4-1 scoreline.

“We talk about the game, about everything that is happening with Altuve and Yordan. We look at the swings on the iPad, to see what is being done wrong. We saw Yordan swing late the first two at-bats and we told him to swing early, then the home run happened and everyone cheered. If one goes well, it will all go well for all of us, so we try to help in any way, “added the sampedrano.

Dubon made the Honduran culture feel in the Large Suspenders when he carried the national flag at the team’s coronation.

“I already carried and had the flag ready to celebrate. In the stands I saw all three flags, it was incredible since they were there for me. It’s a feeling I’ll never forget.”

What do you compare to winning the World Series? “Because of the kind of emotion, like when Honduras qualified for the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. It was incredible. But being able to live this is indescribable, I still don’t know what the feeling is that’s going on, “said Dubón.

Regarding his future in the Astros, the usual outfielder was asked if there will be Mauricio Dubón for a while in Houston, to which he replied “yes, God willing, yes. People are talking and we’ll see what happens.”

Dubon will return to Honduras in the coming weeks and confessed what he will do while at home: “Relax and be with family and friends, with everyone I have always shared with, and go to the same place I have always gone. I will also continue training, ”she closed.

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