What a beating! An inspired Olimpia humiliates Motagua to take the lead in Morazán

San Pedro Sula, Honduras.

Leader and dance. Olimpia did not occupy a corridor for the Concacaf League title, its best tribute was given by its players this Sunday with a humiliating thrashing that they dealt (4-0) to Motagua to climb to the top of the 2022 Opening Tournament, after the dispute of day 16.

The merengue team ran over their archrival with a historic beating at the Morazán stadium that did not stop shouting “olé, olé, olé”. Olimpia did not score four goals against Motagua 15 years ago and it is the second victory in history that they have achieved in this scenario against the Motaguenses.

And it is that these days the Lion is so cloying that in less than a week he is capable of being champion of the Concacaf League and overwhelming his “enemy” in just half time.

A disturbance between members of the supporters of both teams after the end of the first half, even many fans entered the grass, almost tarnished the development of the match. The National Police acted immediately and quickly controlled the situation without incident.


In just 17 minutes, Olimpia dropped to the cloud eagles of the lead. Invaded by the spirit of the title goal against Alajuelense in Costa Rica, the Brazilian Gabriel Araujo Carvalho repeated the dose in a distant free kick that nobody touched and the ball ended up at the bottom of the Motagüense goal.

In the midst of the Olympic jubilation, for that 1-0 at 52′, luck smiled at León again. And it is that Olimpia walks so straight that Jonathan Rougier covered up a one-on-one with Jerry Bengtson and the rebound fell on the Ostrich’s scoring head (2-0, at 55′).

The madness unleashed, Michaell Chirinos signed a great play with a right cross that included the great lag of Gabriel Araujo (3-0, at 62).


Fallen to pieces and without being revolutionized by the income of Ángel Tejeda, Roberto Moreira, Mauro Ortiz and Cristopher ‘El Búho’ Meléndez, the Ciclón Azul saw how Jorge Álvarez came to put the last nail in the blue coffin: 4-0 at 78′ .

History more than liquidated in an incredible capital classic that in the first half had an exaggerated look from zero to zero.

Before the break, the most outstanding thing had been the cards and the exaggerated strong leg that was reflected in that clash between Héctor Castellanos and Boniek García, both of whom were injured.

The round had been caressed dropper, like that whiplash that Edrick Mejívar covered Eddie Hernández or the occasions that Jerry Bengtson and Yustin Arboleda missed, but in the second half the Albo put on the supreme suit to humiliate his rival and finish the game to the rhythm of “olé, olé, olé”… León rises to the top with 32 points and Motagua fell to second place with 31.


4 – OLYMPIA: 1. Edrick Menjívar, 2. Maylor Núñez, 4. José García (6. Brayan Beckeles, min. 66), 5. Juan Pablo Montes (32. Carlos Pineda, min. 76), 12. Gabriel Araújo, 33. Michaell Chirinos (13. Brayan Moya, min. 66), 29. Germán Mejía, 14. Boniek García (23. Jorge Álvarez, min. 29), 21. José Mario Pinto, 19. Yustin Arboleda and 27. Jerry Bengtson (10. Yan Maciel, min.76).

Coach: Peter Troglio.

0 – MOTAGUA: 19. Jonathan Roguier, 12. Raúl Marcelo Santos, 2. Denil Maldonado, 5. Marcelo Pereira, 17. Wesly Decas, 4. Carlos Mejía (10. Mauro Ortiz, min. 60), 16. Héctor Castellanos (8. Walter Martínez , min.36), 23. Juan Ángel Delgado, 18. Diego Rodríguez (35. Cristopher Meléndez, min.60), 7. Iván López (Roberto Moreira, min.70) and 9. Eddie Hernández (11. Ángel Tejeda, min.70).

Coach: Hernan Medina.

Stadium: Morazan (San Pedro Sula).

Referee: NelsonSalgado.

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