Wellness: Sports warm-up: types and why it is so important

ANDhe warm-up is the previous step that must be carried out when starting to exercise. Through the previous exercises, the muscles and the circulatory system are prepared to assume a higher energy expenditure than usual. Thus, Warming up is one of the most important phases when exercising.

During sports warm-up, the body prepares for the demands of the sport and enters a state of activation. For it, the temperature of the muscles rises and the heart rate accelerates. Thanks to these previous stretches, the risk of injury is minimised.

Types of sports warm-ups

overall warm up: In this type, as many muscles as possible are prepared, without focusing on a specific muscle group. It is used so that the whole body enters an activation phase for the subsequent burning of calories.

To do this type of warm-up, movements are made that do not involve exerting much force, with a medium or moderate intensity.

Specific heating: In specific heating, also called segmented, yese works with the muscles and joints will be involved in the exercise that will be developed below.

The exercise is performed with low or very low intensity. It is recommended to carry out several segmented warm-up phases in each session.

dynamic heating: Instead of referring to the intensity with which the exercises are performed, in this type of warm-up it is governed by putting into practice varied biological processes (strength, flexibility, balance, breathing control, sharpening of reflexes, etc).

It appeals to both physical and psychological properties to enter the physical and mental state that will prepare us for the beginning of the sport.

Preventive heating: This type is used to prevent injury or in rehabilitation tasks.n. A professional will give instructions so that you can perform the exercises in the best possible way, and thus avoid falling or re-injuring yourself. Low-intensity exercises predominate. although depending on the injury and the person, both the intensity and the nature of the exercises may vary.

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