Wellness: How far do I have to walk to lose weight and lose weight

Cminar has been an upward exercise since the confinement ended due to the coronavirus pandemic Covid-19 there in June 2020. Streets, parks and paths were filled with pedestrians doing a comfortable exercise to improve physical condition. However, Can you lose weight and lose weight just by walking?

Performing exercises with a high intensity is very effective to lose weight and burn calories, therefore, going for a run is a good idea to lose weight. Although, the need to schedule training, the need for equipment and the occurrence of injury can be the main drawbacks. yesWalking can also help you lose weight, plus it has heart health benefits.

How can you lose weight walking?

Every 7,000 calories burned is equivalent to a kilo lost. And, in every hour of calm exercise, such as going for a walk, they burn 4 calories Doing accounts, and keeping in mind that in an hour of walking with a not very high pace you can get to do 5 kilometers, It will take around 29 hours of exercise to lose a kilo. That is, going for an hour walk every day, in less than a month you will have lost a kilo.

Logically, if you run, the kilo will be lost much faster. What walking takes 29 hours, running would be lost in just over 10 hours.

Although weight loss is done at a slower pace, due to the very nature of the exercise, going for a walk has its advantages. Does not require more equipment than comfortable shoesno training needed, low risk of injurythe distance and the time is marked by the pedestrian himself, it is valid at any age and can be done anywhere and with any companyor alone.

Going for a walk is a great exercise to lose weight, and even, It can serve as an initiation to launch and start running and start losing weight faster.

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