Well-being: How to quit smoking in a few days: tips and tricks

Quitting smoking seems like an easy mission view from outside by non-smokers. Anyone who has tried it or seen someone close to them do it will know how difficult it is to give up nicotine.

There are many short-term and long-term benefits of giving up this widespread habit in our society, despite the fact that many of the regulations and the high price of tobacco can push it. Giving up nicotine is not an easy task, because heits absence generates physical dependence (anxiety, lack of sleep or discouragement) in the first weeks and long-term psychological dependence.

There are several techniques and methods to quit smoking, almost as many as there are people who try it, but several of the small ones are detailed here. more repeated efforts to try to break this habit:

Avoid ‘trigger situations’

Smoking is a habit, so it is normal to associate it with certain places and times. Clubs, bars or restaurants and even breaks from work or studies These are some of the times and places where you most want to smoke. As far as possible, it is recommended to avoid situations that generate this need, to gradually overcome it.

do physical exercise

This can be applied to life in general, but doing physical exercise can help eliminate the desire to smoke, not only during the time that we are dedicating to the activity itself; if not also during the later hours. Sport helps to clear the mind and to recover, little by little, the physical form that is lost with the consumption of tobacco.

Ask your relatives for help

A call to a friend or family member can ‘save’ you from smoking again when temptation takes over. Lean on those around you to avoid itsince they can give you the strength and encouragement necessary to overcome the process.

Find cigarette substitutes for your mouth

As part of the habit of smoking, there is always having the cigarette in the mouth or in the hand. A good way not to miss it is to find substitutes to keep your mouth and hands busy. during the first days. Toothpicks or straws can help with the former, and a doodle pencil or squeeze ball will help keep you from being tempted.

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