Two Hollywood actresses sound to replace Michelle Renaud in the Gloria Trevi series

  • Michelle Renaud would have been removed from the leading role for lack of a more attractive personality.
  • Ana de la Reguera and Eiza González could give life to Gloria Trevi.

After a long stage of planning the bioseries of Gloria Trevi, A few months ago it was confirmed that the recordings would start at the end of this year, and the names of part of the main cast were even leaked.

According to rumors coming out of the corridors of Televisa, michelle renaudwho in recent years has established himself as one of the most profitable actresses of the San Ángel television station, was chosen by Carla Estrada to carry the weight of the leading role.

The Gloria Trevi series will start recording at the end of 2022

The rumors began to turn into confirmation when Michelle Ranaud He shared a photo on his Instagram account where he wrote the following message: “I have a suprise for you…!! Let’s see if anyone can guess.” a comment that his fans related to an imminent announcement that he would play Gloria Trevi.

However, we learn that associate executives decided to drop Renaud from the project because They considered that it does not meet what is necessary to take the leading role.

The Gloria Trevi series will start recording at the end of 2022

Two Hollywood actresses sound to take the leading role

According to a person who works at Televisa, the producers communicated to Carla Estrada that Renaud does not have the strength to embody ‘La Trevi’so they asked him to do a new casting to choose an actress with a more daring personality.

Thus, Carla Estrada and his team are sounding out names for his project, and two actresses sound strong to keep the role: Ana de la Reguera and Eiza Gonzalezboth with experience in Hollywood.

Waiting to define if one of them gets the role, or if another is the lucky one, Carla Estrada is a few hours away from starting the clapperboard of the project.

In the bioseries they promise to tell the ups and downs that ‘La Trevi’ has experienced throughout his career; from her beginnings, her most successful era, her controversial arrest and her resurgence as a singer.

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