These are the 5 exercises to improve our body posture

THaving good body posture is essential for good health. By doing exercises to improve our body posture we are avoiding back, neck and joint problems and pain. It also helps us strengthen muscles and correct bad positions. Here are some exercises to improve body posture.

  • Stretching the torso can help correct the bad positions that we adopt on a daily basis. You have to adopt an upright position, with your back very straight, and raise your arms stretching them upwards as much as possible. This movement must be performed by taking in air and releasing it by lowering the arms.
  • Support your back and neck against the wall. Once well positioned, slide your feet forward little by little, moving them away from the wall as far as you can. Stay in this position for one minute.
  • Lie on your back and place your hands on your lower back and lift your legs, keeping them together until you are only resting on the ground with your shoulders and neck. This pelvic exercise helps strengthen your back, abdomen, and hips.
  • The yoga It is a great discipline to combat body posture problems and, in addition, it allows us to reduce back pain and improve our flexibility.
  • Finally, they are abdominal exerciseswhich in addition to toning the muscles of that part of the body, helps to improve our body position.

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