The unexpected reaction of a security guard in front of a group of cheerleaders that became viral

Released in the year 2000, the film Bring It On (translated in Latin America as Stolen victories) showed the life of a passionate college cheerleader (Kirsten Dunst) and that world of competition, pressure but also a lot of fun and creativity. This weekend, A viral TikTok video showed that cheerleaders can indeed do anything to raise the bar for the show.

The University of Tennessee cheerleading squad became the protagonist of an original situation during the football game between Tennessee and Kentucky. Over there, a security guard, supposedly designated to protect that area of ​​the field, positioned himself in the middle of the space where they set up their exhibition. One of the cheerleaders, in fact, bumped into him while he was dancing and reproached him, visibly angry.

what no one expected at Neyland Stadium in Knoxville is that all this was part of a plan to show the talent of the “guard”who immediately joined the choreography demonstrating his skills in dancing.

An alleged security guard went viral for his attitude in the UT cheerleading routine

Fans immediately celebrated the creativity and cheered the man who proudly danced to the end, posing at the end as a true pop star.

The video with the entire sequence immediately reached the networks, where it became viral, receiving thousands of reactions from Instagram and TikTok users: “They wanted to make it epic and it came out legendary”commented a user of this latest video platform. “When I grow up I want to be this man”, “The guy waited a lifetime for this moment”, “I wasn’t a fan of Tennessee, but now I am”were some of the other comments.

But who was the man who allegedly broke into the cheerleading choreography? His name is Michael Galeyan and is part of the dance company BOSS Dance Company, an organization created by students to promote dance in an inclusive manner within the campus.

Dancer Michael Galyean thanked the cheerleading team coach for allowing him to fulfill a dream he had for more than two decades
Dancer Michael Galyean thanked the cheerleading team coach for allowing him to fulfill a dream he had for more than two decades@mykol2227 – @mykol2227

According to what he has told on his Instagram account, Galyean was invited by the coach of the dance team, who explained the plan to him in broad strokes: it was about improvise, dance and even act. He immediately accepted the challenging proposal.

The dancer described for the local media WVLT that the moment of his presentation “was intense” because “the crowd is very protective of the team spirit.” The proof of this is the reaction of the DJ, who confronted him to remove him from the space of the cheerleaders. “He was like ‘out of the way man, what are you doing here?‘” said Galyean, who had to keep up his guard facade until the third quarter so no one would get suspicious.

But beyond virality, the show represented a dream come true for this man who moved to Tennessee more than two decades ago to study at that university and he set his sights on the cheerleading team and more importantly, on the great stadium that now applauded him for his surprising performance.

“I remember turning that corner in Neyland, seeing that stadium and thinking, ‘I’m going to cheer there one day,'” express. Michael Galeyan He hopes his experience will help others to don’t give up on your dreams because just as it happened to him, everyone can fulfill them.


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