Raúl Jiménez’s low blow to Tata Martino in the Tri days before the World Cup

Raúl Jiménez gets Tata Martino in trouble
Raúl Jiménez gets Tata Martino in trouble

This Mexican team is by far the one that has generated the most doubts in the face of a World Cup in a long time and the hopes of the Mexican fans are less and less, largely due to the decisions of Gerardo Martino.

Tata Martino has been characterized by making controversial decisions in the Tri in this World Cup cycle, including marrying several of his favorites on the lists and lineups, leaving out several great players just on his whim.

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One of Tata’s last decisions that caused a lot of anger in the fans is that of the forward centers, since he clings to carrying Funes Mori, but Raúl Jiménez’s injury would have made things easier for him to have an excuse to leave him out and go up Funes to the final list of the World Cup.

Jiménez’s low blow to Martino.

When Tata thought that everything was fine for him to take his scholarship recipient Funes, Raúl Jiménez seems to he is healthy and ready For this reason, he has received authorization from Wolves to join El Tri’s training from Monday, which puts Tata in trouble again, since he will no longer have excuses to make a complicated decision.

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