Raúl Jiménez reported with the Mexican National Team in GironaMediotiempo

Girona, Spain /

Wolverhampton striker Raul Jimenez, arrived in the city of GironaSpain, for join the rally of the Mexican team looking forward to the next Qatar World Cup 2022since he received permission from his club to join earlier.

The Mexican will continue with his pubalgia rehabilitation with the physiotherapists of the tricolor, to try to recover as soon as possible and can be in the World Cup, and the injury has prevented him from playing since August.

The jobs what Jiménez was doing in the high performance center a few days ago they yielded good results and that is why the wolves decided that their player continue under the medical supervision of selectedn.

Although the stake of the striker in the next world Cup still one uncertaintyin the coaching staff the idea of ​​what is in the tournament continues, because he is the team’s top scorer and also from the first game was considered as the center forward of this process with Gerardo Martino on the bench.

Starting this Monday, Raul will be working with the physical therapists thinking about being able to be available for the match first friendly in Girona against Sweden the next Nov. 16 and thus show that he can be part of the 26-player squad that will be in the World Cup defending the Mexico shirt.

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