Rafael Villeda’s forceful message to the Olimpia barristas after the riots in Morazán against Motagua


The president of Olympia, Rafael Villeda Ferrarispoke on his Twitter account after the classic that they won 4-0 against Motagua in San Pedro Sula.

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His intervention was not precisely for soccer joy, but rather to give a clear message to the organized support team that invaded the field at halftime in the Morazán stadium and later entered the preferred sector to attack the visiting fans, unleashing chaos in the insecure property.

“I am constantly grateful for the support of the fans of our beloved Olimpia when they attend the stadium and do not stop supporting the team. But unfortunately a small group, far from helping the club, harm it with their attitudes”, President Villeda initially wrote.

And he closed with: “Reflect and I hope you can change your behavior if you really want to support the King of Cups. Fortunately, today’s match could be played without any regrets”.

Thanks to the rapid intervention of the police officers, the confrontation between the bars did not escalate, as no injuries were reported within the San Pedro stage, where Olimpia planned to close its activity in 2022 due to the remodeling of the National Stadium.

The altercation was similar to what It happened in April in the classic Real España and Marathón, also in Morazán. The Machine’s punishment was four games behind closed doors and a stadium ban for the remainder of the tournament; the latter was appealed.

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