PHOTOS: Galilea Montijo wears an elegant sequined jumpsuit

Galilea Montijo She is one of the most beloved hosts in the middle of the show and in addition to her friendliness before the cameras, she has become a benchmark of fashion thanks to his unique style, with which this time he will leave his mark on “Who is the mask?“And so he showed it with his most recent outfit with which he showed off his statuesque figure since he opted for a elegant jumpsuit of sequins.

The 49-year-old host returned to the reality show for her fourth season as part of the panel of researchers together with the singer Carlos Rivera, Yuri and the influencer Juanpa Zuritaa group that won the affection of the public from the first moment due to the chemistry and complicity that they showed both before the cameras and outside the spotlight where they forged a great friendship.

Galilea Montijo in a sparkly jumpsuit. Photo: IG @galileamontijo

Montijo has been characterized by his undoubted taste for fashion and join each of the trends, which he makes his own with a touch of sensuality and extravagance in outfits that manage to inspire her followers on Instagram where they fill her with compliments through the comments where her followers highlight her beauty and impressive figure.

For this Sunday, November 6, the host of the morning show “Hoy” opted for an elegant jumpsuit completely covered in sequins, a trend that has gained strength both for fall as for winter due to its versatility. The one that Montijo used is in black adjusted to the perfect waist for outline your figure, plus a design strapless which accompanied perfectly with a wet lookwhich is a hairstyle that gives the appearance of having wet hair.

Galilea Montijo looks

This is not the first time that Galilea Montijo has attracted attention in “Who is the mask?”, as her outfits have led her to be described on social networks as the “best dressed” of the reality show because it adds a unique touch and extravagant to each one of these without neglecting the glamor that is part of its seal.

For a few months, Montijo has successfully joined the drivers of “Divine Nets” along with Consuelo Duval, Daniela Magún, Natalia Téllez and Paola Rojas who received her with open arms, in addition to the fact that she has already left her mark once again with her impressive style that draws sighs and grabs attention wherever she is.

Among the driver’s favorites are neon colors, which is why she recently showed off heart-stopping legs with a sequin mini dress in a vibrant green tone that he accompanied with black and white animal print boots. In addition to long earrings that stood out thanks to her relaxed bun hairstyle.

Elegant jumpsuit by Galilea Montijo. Photo: IG @galileamontijo


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