Now Racing screams champion in another electrifying ending

Argentine football makes up for its lack of brilliance with exciting epilogues. A few days ago, Boca had won the league against Racing in an epic finale. Now Racing wins the Champions Trophy Boca in another closing to collect, in the extension, with a goal in the 117th minute and with so many xeneizes expulsions that the match ended before time and the academics celebrated in the middle of the field singing “Borombombón borombombóm, the one who doesn’t jump left”. ..

It happens in San Luis, at the Parque La Pedrera stadium. Smile Fernando Gago. Also Enzo Copetti, who due to injury did not play but carried the weight for not having kicked the penalty against River in the definition of the league. He celebrates all of Racing in an uncontrolled way because he takes a weight off his shoulders. He had been badly beaten by the league that escaped him. This reaction is worth more than a lot. It is a reward for insistence, for searching.

A rivalry had been generated between Boca, the two-time champion questioned for his gray football, and Racing, the one that plays the best but did not crown. For something the xeneizes in the previous one of this final had posed with the two cups and had posted that photo with the message “The only truth is reality”.

It was a tight, rubbed final, with multiple frictions. It was what was supposed because of the rivalry between the two and because of the physical exhaustion accumulated in these months of intense competition.

Boca won with a good definition by Norberto Briasco at 18 minutes in the first half. He tied immediately, four minutes later, Matías Rojas with that left-footed punch that distinguishes him and that this time had the complicity of Agustín Rossi.

As time passed, the emotions dissipated. A save from Gabriel Arias. A shot on a stick by Carlos Alcaraz. There was no point in coaches’ chip moves to improve offensively. Hugo Ibarra bet in the second stage on the income of Dario Benedetto, Luca Langoni, Oscar Romero and Cristian Medina. In turn, Fernando Gago sent Carlos Alcaraz, Leonel Miranda and Nicolás Oroz to the field.

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Both were left with one man less due to the expulsions of Colombians Sebastián Villa and Johan Carbonero. And the story traveled to extension. Immediately Alan Varela also saw the red one. Boca with 9 players began to protect themselves even more. Racing with 10 sought to squeeze that advantage, but without lucidity.

Until Gonzalo Piovi appeared in minute 117 launching a cross, Carlos Alcaraz anticipated with a header and ran to celebrate in a crazy way. There was anger from the Boca players and the scorer was sent off. Also there were just red for Frank Fabra for a kick and for Pipa Benedetto for making gestures symbolizing that the referee was “bought”. And Luis Advíncula was expelled, as were Carlos Zambrano (already replaced) and Diego González (he was on the bench). Boca, out of control, was left with less than seven players. The game ended early. The formal result, according to the regulations, will be Racing 3 – Boca 0.

It will not be the same as winning the league, but Racing had the pleasure of bringing Boca to its knees in a final also with an unprecedented closing and lifting the Champions Trophy. He deserved it for everything he proposed in Argentine soccer in which hardly anyone dares to propose.

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