Ninel Conde raises the temperature in networks with a tiny bikini that highlights her curves

Ninel Conde, who is known in the artistic environment as “El Bombón Asesino”, has attracted attention on social networks in recent hours because published a couple of videos in which she showed off her charms thanks to a revealing micro bikini that made her get dozens of compliments with which was able to show why she is still considered one of the most attractive women in all of entertainment.

It was through her Instagram stories where the beloved actress who gave life to the endearing “Alma Rey” in “Rebelde” published the videos in question with the sole desire to delight the pupil of his thousands of followers showing off the spectacular figure he achieved after the strict diets and rigorous exercise routines he underwent in recent weeks.

As for the outfit with which Ninel Conde wore her charms in her videos, it was about a flirtatious bikini, which, in addition to being extremely colorful, was also really tiny for which the actress was able to show off her impressive figure in all its splendor, especially the area of ​​her abdomen, in which there is not a single drop of fat because her muscles are very well defined.

Despite the fact that Ninel Conde’s videos were broadcast through her Instagram stories, it really didn’t take long for the recordings to reach other platforms and pages managed by her fans where The compliments did not wait and began to arrive by dozens.

“You are a goddess”, “What a great body!”, “A whole chocolate”, “Every day more beautiful”, “Chulada de mujer” and “Like good wines” They were some of the compliments that Ninel Conde received, who is completely focused on giving her facet as a singer greater projection.

Ninel Conde has one of the best physiques in the entire show business. Photo: IG: ninelconde

Ninel Conde, a life full of contrasts

Currently, Ninel Conde is 46 years old and is going through an extraordinary moment in her artistic career because, despite the fact that she moved away from actinghas been able to give a great boost to his career as a singerIn addition, she has proven to be a great businesswoman by launching her own makeup line and as if that were not enough, also has had great success with his foray into OnlyFans where she reaffirmed herself as a sex symbol, however, all his professional success has been overshadowed for the fact of not being able to see her eight-year-old son Emmanuel for at least the last two months because her ex-partner, Giovanni Medina, has prevented her from doing so.

In this unfortunate situation, Ninel Conde has been optimistic and said confident that this bad time will be temporary and in his social networks he announced that he would go to the authorities again so that justice is done and he can re-strengthen the bond with his son, who, he acknowledged, has been weakening because they have not been able to live together as much as they wanted.


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