Neither Ochoa nor Guardado, the real person responsible for the end of Vela del Tri

The real person responsible for Vela's departure
The real person responsible for Vela’s departure

Carlos candle He showed that he has talent, ability and that he can lead his club to lift the title. This time he broke the drought and won his first recognition at a professional level, something that undoubtedly the 10 already deserved within his career.

Vela in fact and without question, is the best player in Mexico at present, but his will is firm, never again to go to the national team of our country, due to certain problems that kept him away in 2014 and now in 2022.

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According to Álvaro Morales, there was talk about two elements that manage the locker room, which are the ones that harm El Tri, but neither Andrew Saved neither William Ochoa They are the direct factors why Carlos Vela said no to El Tri.

Who was truly responsible for Vela’s departure?

According to Gerardo Velásquez de León, in Chain Reaction, the person responsible for this resentment was Carlos Salcidoan element with whom Vela shared, at the time, the party in Monterrey and that ended with Vela’s sanction.

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