Maximilian case; Legal Medicine report revealed

It should be remembered that weeks ago, a judge guarantee control imposed a custodial measure on six presumed members of ‘Los Carneros’, implicated in the disappearance of Maximilianwho had been wanted since September 21 in the municipality of Remedios.

Among those captured and sent to jail are the child’s mother, maternal grandmother and stepfather. The investigations of the authorities show that all those involved in this case they would be part of a satanic sect known as Los Carneroswho would have used the minor, as a sacrifice, assuring that he was possessed by an evil spirit.

The disappearance of Maximilian

The first to notice the absence of this cheerful child were the teachers of the school where he attended and after several calls to the mother, she assured that he had surprisingly disappeared.

The woman indicated that she lost her son when she sent him to a store, but after the progress of the investigation by the Prosecutor’s Office, The case took a 180 degree turn.

Supposedly, the victim walked through the streets of the village of La Cruzada to a commercial establishment, however, the shopkeepers denied having seen the minor that day.

“I told him to go out and get some arepitas with something to make breakfast, I accompanied him to the door, I saw that he came from the corner of the store because the store is not far, I I came to mount the aguapanelita, when I saw that two minutes passed and nothing, I got scared and went to the store right there, but everything was closed, no one around, not the child or anything”, Maximiliano’s mother recounted at the time.

Neighbors of the sector assured that Maximiliano was not used to living with his mother and since his father died, he spent his days at his paternal grandmother’s house, however, the woman claimed custody in the first weeks of 2022. There is even talk of abuse and violence against the minor, before his disappearance.

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