Madness in Argentina! Racing is champion after Boca finished with 6 Halftime

racing won this sunday the Argentine Soccer Champions Trophy to the defeat Boca Juniors 2-1 in extra time, after a tie at one in the 90 minutes, of a final played at the Villa Mercedes stadium, in San Luis, which ended in scandal.

In a tense 120-minute encounter, Racing was pleased to celebrate weeks after losing the title on the last date of the 2022 League at the hands of the Xeneizes.

Boca finished this Sunday with six players in the field behind suffer 5 expulsionsso that the match ended with Racing’s victory after those led by Hugo Ibarra did not have enough players.

The Xeneize had been classified automatically to dispute this national cup by obtaining the League Cup and the Leaguethe two tournaments of the season, while Racing agreed after beating Tigre (3-2) in duel of runners-up.

Boca took the lead with a crossed left-footed shot from Norberto Briasco at 18 minutes, but four minutes later Racing reached equality with a bombshell Matías Rojas who overcame the goalkeeper’s weak resistance Agustin Rossi.

Definition moved to overtimein which Racing sought more against a Boca that had been outnumbered, and at 118 minutes Carlos Alcaraz connected with a header a center of Piovi and unleashed the celebration albiceleste

Within a procedure with several frictions, to which a bad arbitration by Facundo Tello contributed, Boca finished with six players on the field of play at expulsions of Sebastian Villa (90+4), Alan Varela (99), Luis Advincula (120+4), frank fabra (120+7) and Darius Benedetto (120+9).

Tellowhat’s more, kicked out the Peruvian Carlos Zambrano (120+5), who was on the bench after being replaced, and alternate Diego González (120+5), and the coach Hugo Ibarraall on the Boca side.

For Racing they saw the red card the Colombian Johan Carbonero (90+4), Carlos Alcaraz (120+3) for excessively celebrating his goal, and the substitute Jonathan Galvan (120+5), for participating in a riot.

For Boca they were headlines the peruvian defenders Luis Advinculaex of Tigres, and Carlos Zambranothe Colombians Frank Fabra and Sebastian Villaand then the Paraguayan entered Oscar Romerowhile Racing lined up the Chileans Gabriel Arias and Eugenio Menato Paraguayan Matias Rojas and to Colombian Johan Carbonero.

Thus, Racing reached 14 national cupsWith which reached River in this category of titles, both behind the 16 trophies that Boca has at this level.

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