Lucerito declares his love for a famous singer in front of his father Manuel Mijares

Although Lucerito, the youngest daughter of Lucero and Manuel Mijares, is already a public figure and usually appears with each of her parents or with both in her various shows, she does not stop maintaining a certain secrecy when it comes to her private life. . For this reason, it was striking that the young girl revealed her love for a famous singer and in the presence of her father.

It all happened on November 3, 2022, when the 17-year-old girl and the interpreter of “Soldier of love” attended the concert offered Ricardo Arjona in Mexico City. There, she did not stop showing her euphoria during the performance. She, too, had no shame to shout “I love you” at the top of her lungs to the singer of Guatemalan origin, according to various media reports.



In addition, she was captured interpreting each of the famous songs with great emotion and energy. In fact, the ex-husband of Lucero and Arjona shared their talent by being together on a singing stage the song “My girlfriend is getting old”.

Courtesy of Metamorphosis

Courtesy of Metamorphosis

On some occasion Lucerito showed off the image he had with the composer. “After so many years, I still do not believe that I know the incredible human being that this great artist is. You are from another world Ricardo Arjona. I love you,” he wrote at the time.

Without a doubt Ricardo Arjona manages to reach the feelings of all generations, it is enough to remember that a woman undressed when he offered one of his shows in Guayaquil, Ecuador. In the case of Lucerito, she only showed her admiration and did not go further. In addition, his father Manuel Mijares was by his side to prevent any madness.


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