Kyle Schwarber breaks Phillies World Series record despite losing to Astros


Kyle Schwarber did his thing in the 2022 World Series against the Houston Astros, however, his performances could not give the Philadelphia Phillies the Commissioner’s Trophy.

Kyle Schwarber
© Carmen Mandate | Getty ImagesKyle Schwarber

Philadelphia Phillies came very close to glory absolute in the Major League Baseball (MLB). There were only two more victories left against Houston Astros on the 2022 World Series to raise the Commissioner’s Trophy again, something that had not happened since the 2008 season.

One of the hottest bats in the Pennsylvania set it wasKyle Schwarberwho together with Bryce Harper they became quite a headache for the pitching rotations they faced in the postseason.

However, the Astros were the ninth that suffered the least, although it does not mean that they have not received damage from these powerful players. Justly, Schawarber’s lethality was demonstrated with a Philadelphia franchise mark.

Kyle Schawarber makes history for the Phillies

According to information provided by ESPN Stats & InfoKyle Schwarber has become the third player in all Philadelphia Phillies history to hit a home run in consecutive World Series games.

In this way, the Phillies’ star slugger joins Ryan Howard, who did the same in 2008alongside Chase Utleywho won the mark in 2009. However, despite the record, surely the bitter taste in the mouth due to the defeat in the Fall Classic prevails over this record.

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