Kimberly Loaiza, “more flirtatious than ever” incredible change of look

The internet celebrity Kimberly Loaiza surprised her Instagram followers with an incredible makeover, no one expected it! The older cutie left more than 36 million fans with their mouths open with a new hair style, very much like Karol G!

Throughout the five years in which the singer All the significant changes she has had throughout this time have been recorded on the internet, haircuts, dyes, even her style of dressing has undergone an important change.

For this flirty video, the famous youtuber surprised with completely straight hair but with some strands in a bluish green, it reminded many fans of how the Colombian Karol G used to bring it, but with a darker tone, more green than blue.

But that wouldn’t be all Kimberly Loaiza seduced the users of the various platforms with a very soft pink ensemble, that style of ensembles is very much attributed to the culture of K-pop, which wonderfully accentuated the curves and silhouette of the internet celebrity.

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The older cutie showed off her cuteness to another level with this new hair color, her outfit consisted of a soft pink latex crop-top blouse, with some strips in the middle of the garment that gave it an extremely flirtatious touch, in this The same way was the design of the skirt, with those adornments of bows on the sides.

But with bracelets and in exactly the same style, she accompanied this very feminine outfit, with her spectacular white Bratz boots that we have seen her wear on some occasions. Kimberly Loaiza she is discovering another facet of herself, playing with her sensuality and exploring it.

As the years go by, she looks more and more beautiful, there is no doubt that this Latin icon is at the best moment of her entire career, since she has been doing very well with the singles she has released throughout the year, presentations, concerts and looking like a queen in her photos.

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