Julio César Chávez analyzed fight…

The Russian defended the light heavyweight title of the WBA on Saturday with a convincing performance in Abu Dhabi and by wide unanimous decision.

“I’m in for a big disappointment,” he said. Chavez during the broadcast of the fight on Box Azteca. “He’s looking lousy to me.”

Since the fight began, the Mexican idol did not like what the Lefty Ramirezand so he made it clear Chavez,

“I don’t like him anymore, he’s boxing backwards,” he said in the first round. “He must impose conditions from the beginning and throw it back.”

Although at the end of that first round he said that he liked some of Zurdo’s attitude, in the second episode he continued with his criticism.

“I’m not liking those taps,” he said. “The challenger is Lefty, he is the one who must go forward, the one who needs magic is the Lefty Ramirezhe must force the fight, throw Bivol back, who is beating him in the blow combinations”.

He added that with his greatest physical strength was the Left handed who had to push Bivol back, hit low and high, without lukewarmness.

“The truth is Left handed You should push a little harder, not give him the initiative,” he asserted. “To beat him you have to attack him, not give him space.”

Chávez was desperate with the performance of Zurdo Ramírez

But as the rounds went by, the three-time Mexican world champion even got desperate and said that the Mexican did not want to be crowned.

“Much noise and few nuts with the Left handed“, he pointed. “You don’t see that courage to win the fight, to force it, to go forward as great champions should do.”

In the middle of the fight Chavez He questioned why a rival like Bivol did not touch him in his best times to show how he beats him.

“How did it not touch me in my time bivol to throw him back, to hit him up, down, “he said. “Those fighters are beaten like that, by taking him back.”

Without the one from Mazatlan reacting, Chavez He insisted that Zurdo did not see the hunger to want to be crowned despite the fact that he asked so much for the fight.

“With pants, with balls”, he asked Chavez Zurdo would attack. “I am concerned about Zurdo’s attitude of not having that passion, that desire to want to win the fight, it is the opportunity of a lifetime for him, he is just doing it… well, what am I saying.”

Chavez admitted that he knows the Left handed for a long time, and hence his disappointment, because he did not do what was necessary to win.

“I love Zurdo very much, but tonight he is letting me down.” he added. “I’m not seeing it at 100, with that courage, that substance, determination, desire to be world champion, I see it as lukewarm, sparing.”

Julio César Chávez analyzed the Zurdo fight, which did not appear

Although in the last third of the fight he waited for the Mexican’s reaction, it never came.

“Get those balls out, Left handed“, desperately asked the legendary Chavez. “The truth is I don’t see where, it’s not raffling.”

If you didn’t see the defense of bivolit was because the Left handed He didn’t throw any punches and he didn’t change anything in the entire fight.

“They changed it for me, they left it in Mazatlan,” said Chavez “I’m taking a big disappointment, it’s looking terrible for me.”

In the end, everything remained the same, a Lefty who did not offer anything against a much superior rival, which did not leave him satisfied at all. Chavez.

“Another Chavez would have to be born to knock him out in this round,” he said as the last episode began. “I haven’t seen a powerful blow from him, Zurdo didn’t appear”.

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