Jennifer Lopez wears the 90s-style bob haircut that is perfect for winter

Jennifer Lopez we fell in love and it is that he recently modeled the most perfect haircut to use this winterso get inspired by her look by 90’s style for use in the coming weeks. You’ll be surprised how good you’ll look in this vintage alternative!

When we thought that long hair with a lot of volume would conquer street style, the Diva from the Bronx reminds us what to wear a hair with much more movement that will be in fashion, so dare to try his recommendation that will take you back to one of the most wonderful moments.

JLo uses the short haircut for women that DOES rejuvenate

Through her Instagram account, the famous shared a photograph in which she showed off a cut that reminded us of the time of late 90s and early 2000s. This time he chose a mane with many layersmovement, above the shoulders and with a retro twist that has stolen our hearts.

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This new look was a throwback to her album release Esto es mioat the end of 2002 in which he shared some hits like; Loving You, The One, Dear Ben, Jenny from the Block, among many more songs.

JLo wears the short women’s haircut that DOES rejuvenate. Photo: Tony Duran

“It’s crazy to see me talking about showing my kids this album in 20 years, and here we are!!!! They have changed so much… I have changed…but some things have stayed the same. Life is a poetically beautiful and sometimes broken path…”, wrote the famous in a post that already has more than 300 thousand “likes”.

you would use the bob haircut which is perfect for winter-style Jennifer Lopez? We are ready to put it to the test.

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