How much money do the Houston Astros get for winning the World Series?

The Houston Astros champions of the 2022 World Series were proclaimed After defeating in six games the Philadelphia Phillies. The Astros managed to be crowned before their people at Minute Maid Park by the hand of Dusty Baker as their manager and in this way they proclaim themselves as the absolute monarchs of the Major Leagues for at least a year.

Sporting glory is always accompanied by rewards in different areas and economics is one of them. Houston Astros will bring to its showcases one more trophy, but they also won a millionaire economic prize as a franchise and which in turn will positively impact players with personal gains.

How much money do the Astros make for winning the World Series?

According to different reports, the Houston Astros will take between 35 and 38 million dollars to win the 2022 World Series. This amount must be distributed among players, staff and coaching staff, so each member could take up to 440 thousand dollars.

On the other hand, reports indicate that the Philadelphia Phillies, despite losing the World Series, will enter their coffers around 24 million dollars and each member of the squad, staff and coaching staff would receive about 260 thousand dollars.

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