Henry Cavill hopes to have more creative control in his new projects after resigning from ‘The Witcher’ Netflix Superman | SHOWS

Henry Cavill resigned days ago from the series ‘The Witcher‘, produced by Netflix. This is due to his return to the cinema as Superman, since the actor wants to focus full time on the role.

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In a recent interview with Deadline, the actor discussed his interest in having more creative control over the next few film projects in his career, being able to better fine-tune his vision from the earliest stages of a character’s development to the final stages.

“I think it will happen in my next chapter, the chapter that we are opening at this stage. But I think this next chapter will be when I can finally speak my own language and be there from the very beginning of the creative process, from the birth of each idea to its realization, to its culmination on screen.” Cavill said.

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Probably if in the series The Witcher the performer Had he had the creative freedom he wanted, he might not have left the role, much to the pity of fans of the production.

Henry Cavill confesses that he wants to visit Peru

Through a connection via Zoom from the United States, Trome had the opportunity to talk with Henry Cavill, who gave details of his return as the famous detective and, at the same time, expressed his desire to visit Peru on an upcoming trip.

“My version of Sherlock is different from the other versions of Sherlock in that he exists in a universe where Enola (Millie Bobby Brown) exists and that creates a unique circumstance in that there’s an emotional connection (…) their connection of brothers is totally unique within this universe.

In the first film he was more of a guide, he had more wisdom as an older brother and in the second, the roles are reversed. This is a situation where Enola is the one guiding Sherlock and teaching him.” revealed the interpreter.


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