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At the Hernán Ramírez Villegas stadium A vibrant duel was experienced this Sunday. Deportivo Pereira won 4-3 against Junior, in a game that had all the ingredients: seven goals, two sent off and even a field player making saves. Those led by Alejandro Restrepo are leaders of their group, after the tie between Millionaires and Santa Fe.

The commitment was intense from the first minutes. About 9′, Leonard Castro he reported with a goal, after a ball into the void that he received behind the back of the center-backs, who he left very badly unemployed on several occasions. Referee Diego Escalante annulled the action for a hand. At the moment everything was still 0-0.

The ‘rojiblancos’ also cheered up and tried to get rid of the pressure, building a good team play with Edwuin Cetré and Carlos Bacca, which ended in a poor definition from the winger.

Matecaña’s response came by way of a free kick with a specialist. Carlos Ramírez, but Edwin Velasco managed to deflect with his head.

Pereira took the lead on the scoreboard with a goal from Leider Berrio, one of his most insistent men on offense. Ball by Maicol Medina on the left side, control and pass by Leonardo Castro, and perfect definition by Berrío, who arrived with three rivals on top of him.

The second half started full of revolutions. In the first minute, on a new occasion for Castro, the VAR had to intervene. The striker got into the area with the mark of Walmer Pacheco and ended up on the ground. The referee sanctioned a penalty and expelled the Junior side. After being warned of a situation, Escalante reviewed the video and reversed his decision.

At 57′ and in a spectacular definition by Castro, Pereira’s second goal came. Great collective action in which Berrío participated, and that after a pass from Brayan León, Castro sent it to the back after an impeccable control in the area. A play in which the matecaña undressed a chaotic defense with his orderly attack.

It was the 70th minute when Junior got into the game after an error at the start. Pacheco recovered and hit a deep pass for striker Carlos Bacca to make it 2-1.

Julio Comesaña’s men managed to draw a match that they had uphill. corner kick from Yesus Cabrera and Didier Morenoappearing in surprise at the near post, sent it deep with a light touch.

Junior ended up losing the papers ten minutes from the end, with the expulsion of Carlos Bacca. The attacker entered hard on the ankle of Jhonny Vásquez, and after the VAR review, they showed him a direct red card. About 85′, Brayan León made it 3-2, after a pass from Castro, and a masterful previous action by Vásquez.

In the last minutes of addition, a penalty was awarded for a handball by Jhon Palacios. The person in charge of sending it to the bottom was sebastian viera, with a powerful shot, impossible for goalkeeper Harlen Castillo. However, the Atletico captain ended up being expelled for taking off his shirt. He didn’t remember the yellow that had been drawn earlier. Without being able to send the substitute goalkeeper to the field, John Pajoy he had to stand under the three sticks.

When the game was dying, Johnny Vasquez was responsible for scoring the final 4-3, taking advantage of a rebound left by the defense. A goal that drove everyone in the stadium crazy. Pereira is the leader of the semifinal home runs.


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