Chyno Miranda’s mother confirms addiction problem: “I want my son to be returned to me, if he is not close to us he will not be saved”

“I want my son to be returned to me, if he is not close to us he will not be saved”…. Alcira Pérez, the mother of Jesus ‘Chyno’ Miranda in an interview he gave to the Venezuelan journalist, Luis Olavarrieta, confirms his son’s drug addiction problem and assures that his girlfriend, Astrid Dayana Torre Alba Falcón sees the image of being able to consume.

Mrs, In addition to his son Chyno’s drug addiction, he recounted how it started, the extra seriousness involved in consuming with his health problems.. He defended the treatments and attention of the controversial rehabilitation center ‘Tía Panchita’, they ask that they return their son and assured that being with the girlfriend can lead to death.

Here is a summary of the moving and courageous interview:


“Good son, I have been with him all my life, I have raised him, good, humble, honest, he has been the most beautifulhe’s my boy”

At first he didn’t want him to be a musician, he wanted him to be a baseball player, but he wanted to be a musician. At first I thought I’m going to let him pick what he wants… He told me I want to be a singer, I signed the contract and I myself was the one who sold him the first CDs“.


In the year 2020 he has a series of illnesses that lead to anxiety, depression, the economic situation, the separation of ‘Chyno and Nacho’… That coexistence of 2020, so many people in the department, The in-laws were there, I was there, the wife was there, the relationship was not good with the wife, so many things happened”.

Chyno Miranda and Natasha Araos.
Chyno Miranda and Natasha Araos.

He got shingles, COVID, peripheral neuropathy, and with all the stress there was, there is the issue with ‘Chyno y Nacho’, the song comes out, that causes him a lot of stress. Living together so many people in an apartment, the pain, because he suffered a lot of pain at that time with his legs, he couldn’t walk, it hurt every time he went with the plants “

All this generated great anxiety and stress, which is where his maximum anxiety begins, his consumption, and there after that, he runs amok in the disease, encephalitis and we get serious… He left the emergency room, he had approximately three weeks, after that we hospitalized him in a rehabilitation hospital, because he couldn’t walkhe comes out of there in a wheelchair.”

“He has had to learn new behaviors to lead a normal life, he has to continue learning to be able to control his anxiety, his impulsiveness because He has a pre-frontal lesion, and that prevents him from mastering what it means to drink a lot of water, eat a lot of food, and those things, and that has influenced the healing of his other problem, which is addiction.“.


“We put him in rehabilitation, he walked out, fine, I’m coming (to Venezuela), but after he consumes, escapes and consumes, and that is worse because it hurts me more after the encephalitis what’s going on with him. He has a girlfriend and he sees drugs in her, because she supplied him with drugsAnd that’s my big concern.”

Astrid Dayana Torre Alba Falcón, girlfriend of Chyno Miranda
Astrid Dayana Torre Alba Falcón, girlfriend of Chyno Miranda. Photo: The Top News

I met her last year (2021)after Jesus got sick, that I came in December, he came in June to be with me. I was thinking of doing a detoxification, because I already knew that he had fallen againthen he arrives in June, before ‘Los Premios Juventud’, which was returned again, and she met him at the airport. I understand that she gave him drugs, and she did give them to him because when my son got up the following week, I found him a big bagand the one who supplied it was her, because no one else came to my house that day, but she, as his little girlfriend, has hurt him. Her name is Astrid Dayana Torre Alba Falcón, you can’t find it on the networks“.


He tells me, mom I’m going to spend December with you, he’s coming here and I had already decided, it’s time, because I was aware that he was still usingand I said no, because if he continues with this, after the encephalitis I will dieI can die or I’m completely wrong. I make the decision or I want him alive or he dies“.

Chyno in one of his outings allowed by the 'Tía Panchita' clinic with his family after playing sports.
Chyno on one of his outings allowed by the ‘Tía Panchita’ clinic with his family after playing sports. Photo: Top News Agency


“After we admitted him, I gave the authorization and Yarubay Zapata, my little girl, who is my niece, helped me, she has been my support, because jumping and jumping and buying medicineshe helps me… We go through a 6-week induction processwhere my son was in quarantine, while we would have that process, process in which the clinic teaches you how you should act, what you should talk about, how you should contain your attitude or behavior, where you should be, who you should be with, who you cannot see like the dealer, the one who sells, the friends with whom he used to drink, and that series of things that they teach you, that’s why I didn’t want him to see it (the girlfriend)“.


Treatment was required for her to be healed, and I asked her, I humbly and earnestly asked her to do her treatment so that she would be with Jesus.but not in that way, because I am his mother, she can’t get over me, he’s sick, I need him to get well, if I leave him with her my son will die is that what you want?”


“The day to day of him, he gets up at 6 in the morning, has breakfast, has early therapy and so on until lunch, and has other therapies until 7 at night. He has his rest and then to sleep, that is my son’s day at the clinic. I visited my son on Wednesdays and Saturdays, and I was already coming home, I had been coming one day a week for a month. And I was going to start doing weekends. The last time we grilled, we filled the Qatar album, we made tequeños… We had the best time, and he was very happy, and they didn’t deny it to me, I used to see it and visit it, something that if someone else couldn’t visit it, it’s because I didn’t have the conditions to visit it“.


“Right now my biggest concern is that They kidnapped him, they kidnapped him from a person who quarantined him, which is not going to do him any good, because I decided to put him in the clinic so that he could heal from some pathologies that he has, especially a sequel that has remained of his encephalitis that does not allow him to act correctly in his anxiety, and he sees that person, who was the one who caused all that, he sees that person recreated in the drug“.

They take him out of the clinic asleepbecause he was already asleep, they take him out of the clinic with nothing, without clothes, and they take him to court and I don’t know where they take himthey harassed people, they insulted everyone, a place where he is calm, sleeping in his bed, with his air conditioning, not in bad conditions as people say, that is false.


“Of course, not all of us can afford a $5,000 clinic, I have a clinic where I can cover your expensesthere are all his friends, and we are stretching the money to be able to pay for the clinic, pay for his clothes, pay for his snacks, his therapy, his doctors, he is covered in every way. He is not abandoned, I visit him Wednesday and Saturday, he is busy from 6 in the morning until 7 at night, something that a person who is reforming his life and who wants to improve has to be doingbecause that is why they are there, to reform and return to society”.

They haven’t called me, they haven’t told me, they haven’t told me at all why they’ve taken my son, because there’s no reason, my son has improved, he’s being treated, why are they taking himwho takes it I am his mother, the person who has the closest link with him, who is she or who can take my son if it is not meI am the one who admitted him to the clinic, otherwise he dies and I want people to understand it”.

Jesús Alberto felt very well, like family, he talked to everyone, giving kisses to the mothers and the blessing, he was like that and considering the clinic he felt very good, he shared with him, and It is the most suitable clinic for Jesus Alberto to continue his treatment at this time“.


“I ask for respect from people, it makes me feel sorry, I am ashamed of the relatives of the patients at the center, because this is an attack against them, the boys, respect for my family, for the life of Jesús Alberto, for his privacybecause I have no reason to be disclosing the life of anyone, not even my son, that’s why I didn’t talk about itAnd I will continue with the same attitude, because my son’s life is private.”

Chyno accompanied by a court, the police and his girlfriend Astrid, at the exit of 'Tía Panchita'
Chyno accompanied by a court, the police and his girlfriend Astrid, at the exit of ‘Tía Panchita’. Photo: Irrael Gómez/Instagram


“I am proud of my boy, of what he has achieved, and what I want is for her to be cured, to be able to get ahead, to lead a normal, healthy life, to be able to watch over her son’s growth and continue with her life, but in health, without consumingwithout having people by his side who hurt him, I don’t want any of that, I want him to get ahead and live happily.”

I want my son to be returned to me, to move forward, no one has the power but me to decide thatI need him to be healed and saved and if he is not close to us, he will not be saved“.



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