Chicharito to the World Cup, the last play he has and surprises, Martino cries

Chicharito back to Tri, it is possible
Chicharito back to Tri, it is possible

Gerardo Martino He was absolutely responsible for preventing the return of Javier Hernández to the Mexican team. A striker who is more than necessary to try to contribute and who is a great element within the team.

But Gerardo Martino was the one who ended up removing him from the Mexican team. A case that generated controversy and debate, because there are fans who consider that he should be on the list, while others support the veto.

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Vela unmasks Martino, shows how he vetoed him and got him out of Tri

He opened his eyes, the second to leave Martino and El Tri, 20 days before the World Cup

In this context, ESPN has now leaked that there is one last chance for it to arrive Javier Hernandez to the World Cup, under one condition, the fact of replacing a player already on the official roster, who withdraws due to injury.

Which player could be the one to give him his spot?

Raul Jimenez is the athlete who would have to give his quota to the striker, because if he gets on the payroll and cannot play due to injury, the FIFA empowers the theme of a player’s call, which was not included in the list of 55, so there is a possibility.

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