Chicharito exhibited Martino’s worst secret, that’s why it cost him the World Cup and the veto

Chicharito exhibited Martino's mistake
Chicharito exhibited Martino’s mistake

The absence of Javier Hernandez it has some edges. It is that from the FMF the issue of the veto is clear and that this was for a sports issue and not for a disciplinary issue. According to Alvaro Morales, The problem was because of the women in the Tri concentration in 2019.

There are several stories regarding what happened to Javier Hernández and why he will not return to the Mexican team. But now a topic was leaked about how Chicharito carved out his own destiny.

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The journalist Enrique Beas in the Chain Reaction program, presented the case of why Chicharito exhibited Gerardo Martino’s worst mistake and now this cost the Mexican striker his job. The case happened because CH 14 did openly say that there was no communication with the players.

Why did Chicharito exhibit Martino’s mistake?

The error happens because Gerardo Martino In all the teams in which he was, he never had direct communication with the Mexican player, so there is a problem in that sense, taking into account that for the Mexican player, this type of talk is vital.

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