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Mondays each start to get more uphill. Autumn, the change of time, the Scorpio season and Mercury Retrograde, which mercilessly stalks us, makes the signs of the zodiac seem to live in a state of cosmic torpor. Although the horoscope predictions for this Monday, November 7 are a little more positive due to the proximity of the full Moon, which takes place this Tuesday, November 8).

So it’s time to meet today’s horoscope predictions november 7, 2022 and discover what the stars have in store for Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces.

Aries horoscope for November 7

It’s putting on your favorite artist and coming on top. Monday high, Aries, this one that comes to you and that you deserve so much. Raise your voice, let everyone hear you, say no to what they propose to you that is not to your liking and have that coffee with that person who makes eyes at you. What can go wrong?

Taurus horoscope for November 7

You have discovered a talent that you did not know and your environment has guest to leave it parked. Your environment knows nothing about life and lives for and to work, so if you like this new hobby so much, even if it is insubstantial, don’t leave it aside and start being happy.

Gemini horoscope for November 7

The rewards do not fall from the sky, Gemini. It is the effort and commitment that makes that job that you want so much and with which you dream so much knock on your door. So leave the immobility and go out to look for what corresponds to you and work on it, which is your turn.

Cancer horoscope for November 7

Where are the Bahamas and how long would it take to get there? You ask yourself that every morning when you have to go to work. Today you will continue to wonder, but the Bahamas will come to you in the form of a small paradise that the stars give you. Don’t freak out, you won’t go on a trip, it’s just a metaphor.

Leo’s horoscope for November 7

You will fall in love today. Not the love of your life that the songs talk about and against whose stereotype and cliché we have been fighting for years. You are going to meet someone special who will break your schemes a little and will have made this Monday worth a little bit.

Virgo’s horoscope for November 7

Look how square you are, Virgo, but today you are going to let your mind flow and that will be very positive for you. By getting out of the corset and the grid in which you usually move, you will discover a new world and possibilities that you had never considered.

Libra’s horoscope for November 7

Hey, Libra, it’s all laughs until life starts to get stuck in your throat. Today is one of those days when it is better that no one crosses you because you are on fire. An authentic volcano that when opening its mouth can devastate everything in its path.

Scorpio’s horoscope for November 7

The day of reflection has been quite good for you and now you are a little less intense than before. Congratulations, the lack of intensity will make you much more receptive to everything that happens around you and will allow you to be attentive to new opportunities that may arise.

Sagittarius horoscope for November 7

Today is the day you will look in the mirror and recognize yourself. The stars have wanted it that way and, in that internal recognition, you will have the ability and clairvoyance to glimpse what it is that you want in life and you will make the determination to go for it.

Capricorn’s horoscope for November 7

Don’t play with people, they don’t deserve it and they don’t hit you either. You want black, well everything black; you want white, because he drinks two cups. It’s that simple, Capricorn, you just have to take perspective and let yourself want to take everything forward.

Aquarius horoscope for November 7

Astral energies grant you the cosmic wisdom to have a state of peace of mind that will help you make important decisions. A love from the past will continue to be love from the past, but you will remember him today.

Pisces horoscope for November 7

You have a radar for negative cosmic phenomena and you are already glimpsing that Mercury Retrograde is approaching. Don’t live in advance and thinking about all the bad things that are going to happen. That is one of your mistakes and if you don’t solve it, you will never get out of that dark well in which you sink.

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