VIDEO: Barbie Núñez paralyzes TikTok in a black mini dress

The young and beautiful from Monterrey Barbie Núñez continues to be successful on its social network profiles where it exceeds 6 million followers on the platform alone TikTok and on Instagram exceeds a million fans who love their content and every video, story or photo who shares this time the beautiful tiktoker published a series of three videos where she looks spectacular in a black V mini dress and ivory heels that make her look even taller than she already is. Simply incredible.

for accessories, Barbie Núñez wore long earrings and a gold bracelet on her left handa. Despite how beautiful she looked in the dressthe young woman complained about the industry that makes small clothes and does not take into account tall people.

Barbie is very popular on TikTok. Photo: @barbie.nunezt

In another post, but now on Instagram, Barbie Núñez confessed to being a lover of tacos: “Hello, so you like tacos,” wrote the influencer, while sharing a beautiful postcard of her wearing a royal blue bathing suit and red one-piece jumpsuitwhile emerging from the bottom of a crystal clear lake.

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Who is the tiktoker Barbie Núñez?

Her real name is Bárbara Núñez Treviño.better known as Barbie Nunez, and is a 25-year-old tiktoker and influencer of Mexican nationality. She was born on April 19, 1997 in the city of Monterrey. She started her activities as an influencer on the Chinese social network TikTok 2 years ago, specifically she uploaded her first video on March 28, 2020.

In just over 2 years, he had more than 6 million followers on his social networks with millions of views and reactions on his videos. Currently, he has his own clothing line in barbienunez.com and is still active on TikTok and Instagramtheir main social networks.

Bárbara Núñez wears a tight green dress. Photo: @barbie.nunezt
Bárbara Núñez rests on a luxury yacht. Photo: @barbie.nunezt

Barbie Núñez shows off in a Spider-Man suit

The beautiful tiktoker from Monterrey, Bárbara Núñez He showed off his profile dress up as spider-man and upload a series of videos making jokes and trends to pamper his millions of followers. In one of the videos she coupled her voice with a fragment of the deadpool movie to make it look like she’s a tough girl who solves things the hard way. In another she alone spends several minutes trying to take the perfect selfie in front of the mirror in her room.

And in the last of his videos he appears in the Spider-Man skintight suit and he gives us a tour of his room where he lets us see his passion for Disney movies, Marvel films like “Iron Man.” Barbie Núñez has repeatedly confessed that Tony Stark is one of her favorite characters.

Bárbara Núñez shines as Spiderman. PHOTO: TikTok
Bárbara Núñez takes a selfie. PHOTO: TikTok


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