Vela unmasks Martino, shows how he vetoed him and got him out of Tri

Vela unmasks Martino and his veto
Vela unmasks Martino and his veto

Carlos candle he did have the intention of returning to El Tri, of contributing, of generating that his presence be of support in sports and not of criticism, as he has now become. It is that the Mexican player after his refusal in 2019, opened the chance to return in the Olympic Games hand in hand with Jaime Lozano, but Martino, instead of negotiating, cut everything off.

According to ESPN, Carlos Vela could have been on El Tri’s payroll, but Martino told him the whole process or nothing, instead of giving him a chance at the Olympics and then negotiating. This moved Vela further away from the Tri, but now, the same 10 exhibits the DT.

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In an interview for the American media, Carlos Vela made it clear that he never received calls and that what was stated in TUDN, of a call to Vela to ask him to return to the Mexican soccer team, is not true.

How did Martino veto Vela?

The problem is that Martino considered it a luxury for Vela to play the Olympics without having a trial in the Tri, that’s why the fight with Jaime Lozanowho in the end paid the piper for defending his administration.

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