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Negative emotions have a serious impact on your quality of life, so you have to learn to turn them around and transform them in your favor. “It is not a difficult or impossible task to do, you just need to stay calm, give yourself time to think and visualize a range of solutions”points out the psychologist and psychotherapist Walter Hinojosa.

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What emotions can you change in your favor? Here we tell you:

THE ENVY. Forget the regrets and don’t beat yourself up telling yourself why the other person has everything. Rather, analyze what you need to achieve success and work on it. You don’t have to beat anyone, your only competition is yourself.

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THE WRATH. Problems are the order of the day and that’s not why you’ll throw thunder and lightning your way. Better redirect that great energy to practice some activity or sport that you like. Sometimes anger is the fuel we need to go strong.

THE SADNESS. Do you think it’s fair to spend your days crying or locked in your room? Use that melancholy to fuel your creativity. Start writing a poem or song, or maybe sign up for a new course, like cooking or something that interests you.

THE BLAME. It is useless for you to wonder and question why you did such a thing. Accept your mistake and take responsibility for your actions. This will make you reinforce your values ​​and be more careful next time in everything you do.

THE PESSIMISM. Are you a ‘misfortune anticipator’? If you already know that something will not work out, then turn around what you are doing and repower it. See what their weak points are and improve them. It’s also not about becoming the most optimistic person in the world overnight.


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