the reasons why they accuse the singer of having been arrogant at a children’s party

Shakira is involved in a new controversy, this time because she is singled out star in an awkward moment when he snuck into a party in Barcelona before the eyes of several children and parents.

The accusations come from a Catalan program that ensures that the interpreter of Monotony was on October 30 at an event which took place in a place known as La Mayola.

The singer was accompanied by her two children, Milan and Sasha and the media says that things began to get tense since the singer snuck into a horror attraction.

This upset all the children and parents who were present, since they assured that they were waiting more than half an hour to get on the ride.

According to local media, the organizers of the event decided that the singer she shouldn’t wait to get on the ride. Which caused the annoyance of the people around.

Such was the displeasure that some parents told the singer that they would unfollow her on social mediaas specified by journalists Silvia Taulés.

Everyone was outraged because it is a very miserable image on the part of the singerTaules said.

He also pointed out that the singer she was accompanied by two security guards when entering the attraction.

There is a video where you can see how the singer enters the attraction, while in the background the complaints of the parents are heard.

“It’s sneaking in”, “It’s sneaking in” and “It’s already done it” are some of the words heard in the video.

Currently Shakira has not given any kind of statement regarding what happened.

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