The Institute of Legal Medicine and Forensic Sciences of Valencia performed 1,559 autopsies in 2021

VALENCIA (EP). The professionals of the Forensic Pathology Service of the Institute of Legal Medicine and Forensic Sciences of Valencia have carried out 1,559 autopsies in 2021. Of these, 812 were natural deaths, 576 violent deaths, seven undetermined, three bone remains and 161 pending determination.

The number of autopsies carried out has increased compared to 2020 by 62 cases. The largest group is that of men, which accumulates 68 percent of cases (1,088), the Generalitat has indicated in a statement.

In addition, there has been a decrease in natural deaths compared to violent ones, compared to recent years, with 51% natural deaths and 49% violent ones.

In natural deaths, men account for 552 cases, and women, 258. Cardiovascular aetiology continues to be the most frequent cause, representing 74% of the total (598 cases).

In violent deaths, accidental deaths stand out with 22% (356 cases). Casual accidents are the most frequent (187 cases), followed by traffic accidents (66 cases).

Archive image of an Institute of Legal Medicine and Forensic Sciences.  Photo: J. HELLÍN/EP

In deaths of suicidal etiology there has been a decrease compared to the year 2020. Thus, it has gone from 220 to 198 suicides, of which 152 were men, and 46 women. The most frequent age range is 41 to 60 years.

Regarding deaths of homicidal medicolegal etiology, there has been a significant increase, since it went from 11 cases in 2020 to 22 in 2021. This homicidal etiology is more frequent in men (15 cases) and the most damaging instrument used are white weapons.

In the seven cases involving women, bladed weapons are also the most used instrument. In two of these cases there is an open procedure for violence against women.

Institute of Legal Medicine and Forensic Sciences

The IMLCF of Valencia, like the centers of Castellón and Alicante, is a body dependent on the Department of Justice, Interior and Public Administration.

Its function is to assist the courts, tribunals, prosecutor’s offices and the Civil Registry offices, through the practice of expert medical tests, both anatomical, clinical and laboratory, provided for in current regulations.

In the technical field, the IMLs are independent and issue their reports in accordance with the rules of scientific investigation that they deem appropriate.

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