The home remedy to sleep through the night

Going to bed after a day of work is one of the biggest in life. However, this time of rest can become a ‘nightmare’ for many as they cannot fall asleep. Our health is one of the great harmed, since not sleeping properly affects our mood and our physique.

However, for everything there is a solution and thanks to social networks, and especially TikTok, people with insomnia could put an end to your sleep problems.

A user has shared her trick to sleep well at night, which has nothing to do with doing relaxation exercises or taking a pill to rest. It is a natural remedy whose protagonist is romaine lettuce.

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“I slept through”

The American has discovered at her 30 years that this type of lettuce is capable of inducing sleep. For this reason, every night the woman cuts the lettuce, puts the water to boil, and puts the lettuce in the container. After a few minutes, she removes the lettuce and makes herself a cup of the ‘lettuce tea’ she has obtained.

I’m too scared to try it myself because I still have to wake up if Maisy (her daughter) wakes up at night, “he explained in the video.

Her husband Mike was the ‘guinea pig’ for this experiment. The man’s first impression was quite good, and assured that it looks like “hot water with a little boil”. After five minutes the effect of the tea begins to be noticed, and the man begins to feel sleepy.

Ten minutes later Mike falls asleep on the sofa and the next day the man assured that he had slept through.

“There’s also science behind it: there are properties in lettuce, especially romaine lettuce, that help activate the part of your brain that helps you sleep. I think it works just as well if you eat a large bowl of salad before bed, as long as when you eat the lettuce, the same thing will happen”, assured the woman.

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