Thalía makes fun of “Monotony” and calls Shakira “ridiculous drama”

According to some users who were present at a live that the singer did Thalia on her Instagram social network she would have called Shakira “ridiculous and dramatic”. However, none have shown evidence of the alleged insult that the singer made to the Colombian.

In addition, the Mexican singer allegedly would have strikethrough of pathetic to the barranquillera for wanting to become the victim after her separation with the footballer Gerard Piquéa situation that caused fans of the Colombian to attack her.

“I find the song pathetic and Shakira a dramatic woman. I think that if that man left her it was because he no longer loves her. She should consider herself and not try to pity with those kinds of songs dedicated to a man who no longer loves her “, were Thalía’s alleged words.

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So far neither of the two stars has referred to it; however, on many occasions it has been speculated that there is a rivalry between the two.

Although this information is not confirmed, Shakira’s fans did not hesitate to go to Thalía’s networks to claim her for these statements, a situation that sparked a whole war on social networks, because, although there is no evidence that her words were real, the followers of the barranquillera pounced against the Mexican after the alleged mockery.

Shakira new song

“Monotonía”, Shakira’s most recent single which premiered in October and to date has become one of the most requested songs on streaming platforms; However, it is not only requested there, since it would have generated reactions in other celebrities, including Thalía.

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The song, which has already exceeded 85 million views, is inspired by the recent sentimental events in the life of the Barranquilla singer, which is why she has had the approval and support of her millions of followers around the world.

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