Summary of the match LAFC vs. Philadelphia Union (3-3). GOALSHalftime

Carlos Vela became MLS Champion thanks to the victory of Los Angeles F.C. in view of Philadelphia Union in a Final that was crazy and defined on penalties 3-0. All because the game ended tied 3-3 after an exciting 2-2 in regular time and then another tie in overtime.

Is Final looks like it was written by a screenwriter Hollywood because he gave drama, emotions and even an unexpected hero after the goalkeeper john mccarthy jumped off the bench to stop two of the three penalties charged by philadelphia and give like this to LAFC his first title mls.

The stopped ball marked the course of this Final because three of the four goals of the draw 2-2 They arrived that way, whether it was a free kick or a corner kick with all its variations. Situations that made the goalkeepers be mere witnesses of the goals under the three posts.

Still it was a match met the expectations of a Finalhad four goals, lived with intensity and both teams showed their arguments to be the ideal teams to play this Final of League in the American tournament.

The goals of the game

As proof, it is enough to remember that the first goal came after a free kick taken by Kellyn Acosta at 28 minutes it was deflected by the midfielder McGlynnwho turned at the moment of the shot and caused the ball to hit him and deflect into the goal for 1-0.

The score could be extended thanks to a great play by Candlewho showed his great vision of the game and put a frontal ball to Acostathat He finished off the goal at 38′but the goalkeeper Andre Blake that was launched quickly and quickly to divert.

And as a missed goal is a goal against, at 59 minutes the tie came 1-1 for the team of philadelphia. Everything was born from a shot by the Venezuelan Jose Martinezwhich was intercepted by Daniel Gazdag in the area and without thinking he shot the goalkeeper for the tying goal.

At this time, a lack of jack elliot on Solid because it should have been marked as a yellow card, however, the referee Ismail Elfath He decided not to admonish him because it would have meant an expulsion for the footballer. This weighed, because it was Elliot who rescued the score for Philadelphia at the end.

The transcendental minutes (and the most exciting) were between 80 and 90′ when the defender’s goal came Jesus Murillowho scored after a cross from Carlos candle on corner kick. The taste did not last long, because Elliot He headed a free kick center to make it 2-2 after 85 minutes of play.


No one gave anything away until overtime, where fatigue played its part, causing the players to no longer run with the same intensity. Thanks to these spaces there were several long-distance shots, but the goal did not fall and everything was decided on penalties.

Except for the play in which the goalkeeper of the LAFC Maxime Crepeau collided with Corey Burke and he hurt his leg at the level of the tibia. The referee considered that it was a red card foul and the goalkeeper had to leave the

match and besides he left in an ambulance to be subjected to studies because he was able suffer a fracture.

It was the moment of philadelphia who scored the third for his cause after a rebound from the goalkeeper McCarty who left the ball almost on the goal line to Elliotwho thus got his doublet.

It was then that Carlos candle he left the field and instead entered Gareth Bale. Bale did not agree and tied again at one minute that the game ended with a header in the area after a cross from Diego Palacios and made it 3-3 that he sent to penalties.

LAFC Penalties

  • Tello fails
  • Bouanga goal
  • Hollingshead goal
  • Sanchez goal

Philadelphia Penalties

  • Gazdag fails
  • Jose Martinez fails
  • Wagner fails

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