Selena Gomez is trolled on video by Latino fans and they make her say “putiamigas”

Selena Gomez, the singer, actress, designer, director and Unicef ​​ambassador from 30 years had a short meeting with a couple of fans of Argentina and they asked for a video, but instead of asking for a greeting for a person, they asked for it for a famous WhatsApp group of fans of the singer.

The interpreter of success “Good For You” has been quite active on social networks and in the media, mainly due to the release of her new documentary entitled “My mind and me” or “My mind and I” in Spanish. The documentary will be released on Apple TV, and will mainly deal with the events that have marked the last 6 years of his life, from his Revival Tour in 2016, and makes an introspective on the mental health of Gomez.

In the promotional tour of the documentary, the artist has had meetings with fans, in one of the most recent, there was a very particular moment that caught the attention of the public on the internet, especially from Latin.

A group of fans from Argentina asked Selena for a video greeting, addressed to a group of friends on WhatsApp, called “Putiamigas”. She repeated what she was asked to say, saying a simple “Hey whores, okay? – alluding to her pronunciation -. I love you very much”.

This group is fairly famous among Gomez’s fandom, so this moment will surely be remembered with affection by his fans. Here we leave you the video.

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