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How did the exchange rate in Mexico wake up today, Saturday, November 5?

The peso reaches a new record value against the dollar, climbing to the top. East Saturday November 5the US dollar in Mexico is quoted on average at: 19.5462 pesos, maintaining its value below 20 pesos for the second consecutive week, according to A slight drop in the dollar is observed compared to yesterday it was quoted in 19. 6349 pesos. With respect to the average in the purchase, today it is located in 19,122 pesosand the sale to 19.9703 pesos. (Update: 08:00 a.m.).

Next, see the exchange rate of different banking institutions in Mexico:
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Regarding the list. Of the banks mentioned in the list, today’s average is at 19.4356 pesos per dollar. Regarding the purchase, it is located in 18,969 pesos and sale to 19,902 pesos. The best rate if you want to change dollars to pesos (that the bank buys the dollars) is offered by the bank Bansi. On the other hand, the best option to change pesos to dollars (that the bank sells you the dollars) is the Azteca Bank.

Price of the dollar in credit cards in Mexico:
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The average price of the dollar in the Credit cards has not changed either, which is positioned at 19.69 pesos. The average purchase is 19,070 pesos and for sale 20,310 pesos.

For, which evaluates 32 sources from both institutions and banks, the average exchange rate from Dollar to Peso is 19.5462 pesos today in Mexico. The average buying exchange rate is 19,122 pesos and the average selling exchange rate is 19.9703 pesos. (Update: Saturday November 5, 2022 – 08:00 a.m.).

How far is the euro?

Increases its value. As for the euro, The average exchange rate in Mexico is 19.4167 pesoswith a slight difference compared to yesterday when it was in 19.2978 pesos. The average buying exchange rate is 18,832 pesos and the average selling exchange rate is 20,0014 pesos.

How much is Bitcoin?

It increases its value for the second day in a row. With respect to Bitcoin (BTC), this Saturday at the beginning of the day it is quoted in $21,309 (USD) per bitcoin, with a considerable increase compared to yesterday that was in twenty $939 (USD), as reported by Binance on its website. The price of USD to BTC is updated in real time. bitcoin is +1.81% in the last 24 hours, +1.81% in the last week and +6.5% in the last month.

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