President of Independiente criticizes and threatens Club América for the debts they have

Saturday, November 05, 2022

The America club has faced a serious problem for several years that continues without being able to resolve in its favor, this as a result of the transfers of Silvio Romero Y Cecilio Dominguez a Independenta situation that ended up being unsuccessful for the Blue Cream Directive after they still haven’t paid off their existing debt.

Fabián Doman spoke out against Club América

During this week it was revealed that Independent I still had a debt with him America club of 5.7 million dollars, which included the fine imposed by the FIFA, because they did not abide by the stipulated dates of the agreement. According to the report of ESPN, the red box plans to pay off the amount in installments over two years, a situation that was not well received in Coapa.

It was revealed that the leadership of the Eagles Are you considering going back to the FIFA in case of not having the payment soon, with the intention that the highest body exert pressure on Independent which could lead to new punishments. In this sense, the president of Independiente, Fabian Domanspoke out against America club.

The President of the Independent Athletic Club, showed his dissatisfaction with the ways that the capital team had when exerting pressure before the TAS and FIFA, considering that they disrespected his squad, therefore, the fact that He will comment that he would not carry out transactions with America again.

“America did not comply with payment plans, but you also have to be a good creditor. I very much doubt that I will ever do something with them again in my life, I did not like some forms and that Independiente is disrespected,” Fabián Doman for the Very Independent media outlet.

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