Piqué after his goodbye to Barcelona and football: ‘It has been a liberation’

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After playing his last game as a professional footballer at the Spotify Camp Nou, Gerard Piqué admitted that the last six months “have been difficult” for him and that the duel against Almería (2-0), in which he played as a starter, meant “a liberation”.

I had never thought of leaving. You always think about continuing for another year and I didn’t think about withdrawing, but things happen in a way that in the end you have to make a decision. These six months have been very difficult, it has been seen, and today has been a liberation“, affirmed the center-back in declarations to DAZN.

For Pique, “The fact of being able to play from the start” against Almería has allowed him to feel “very well” to say goodbye to his fans, a memory he described as “unforgettable”.

Piqué said that from now on “life goes on” and He was eager to face “the next stage”.

And, in this sense, he added: “Now a thousand things open up, I have to organize myself. This is my house, I was born here, it was time to separate paths, give ourselves air and come back stronger”.

About his career, Piqué stays with “the friendships and the experiences” lived, since the titles, he specified, “are a number, they are metal”.

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